Not necessarily colourless & not just Round
Diamond is the modern birthstone for April, so we would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about fancy coloured diamonds, which are more to our taste than the colourless type: they're rarer, more valuable, and a great deal more colourful.

Fancy coloured diamonds are not a mass-market product such as those which are advertised everywhere and sold by numbers. They have more personality than that. Fancy coloured diamonds are almost as much fun as coloured gemstones! Like coloured gemstones, each one is different. They come in fabulously expensive pale pinks and blues, pale to bright yellows, oranges, greens, and all those brown colours that are now given names like cognac and champagne. So, buy a diamond instead of a coloured gemstone if you must, but at least consider a fancy coloured one which will give your jewellery more character, more individuality and more colour!

Alternatively why not look at an “Old Cut” These Victorian and Edwardian era cut Diamonds were fashioned in a more traditional and organic style. They have a depth of character perhaps missing from the modern cuts of today. Most commonly found with tinges of Yellow, they offer a the opportunity to make a piece of Jewellery unique and extremely desirable.

Rose Cuts, diamonds cut from flatter rough crystals also provide an interesting variation on the mass produced  Brilliant cut stones. 

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