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Oval Cabachon

Translucent, slightly included oval Spessartite CabachonHeight: 10.7mmWidth: 8.23mmDepth: 5.04mm..

Oval Chequerboard

Oval Chequerboard Spessartite - deep fiery orange mandarin garnetHeight: 12.13mmWidth: 9.7mmDepth: 6..

Pear - Faceted

A very large intense brownish Orange Spessartite. Pearshape with a subdued appearance...

Pear Shaped Cabachon

Pear Shaped Cabachon Mandarin Garnet. Clear peachy orange.Height: 12.1mmWidth: 8.3mmDepth: 5.9mm..

Pearshape Spessartite

Fine faceted pear shaped spessartite - 2.7 ctsHeight: 10.3mmWidth: 7.3mmDepth: 4.2mm..

Whole Drops - Pair

Pair of spessartite drops. Burnt orange colourHeight: 15.3mmWidth: 8.8mm..